Band Members Bio's


                         The Jim Moore Band


Jim Moore - Vocals & Guitar

Jim is a local singer/songwriter working and teaching guitar at Manor Music in Pacifica. Jim's songwriting credits include tunes recorded by Bobby Hendricks of the Drifters, soul singer Jerry Brooks and many more. At Christmas time, you can hear his song "Haulin' Mistletoe" (MCA Records) on radio stations all around the world. Jim's passion is singing and songwriting, but he also loves to perform and play guitar. Although he writes in many styles, his heart is in Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues.


Dave Bossler - Drums

Our kickin' drummer and partner in crime has been with the band laying down the groove for at least 7 or 8 years now.


Anthony Alosi – Bass Guitar

Anthony is a veteran of the Bay Area  music scene. He has performed or shared the bill with many national and top local acts over the past three decades including Frontline, Pride and Joy, Chris Isaac, Squeeze, America, Level 42 and Toy Matinee to name a few. A multi-instrumentalist as a child, he ultimately decided to focus his energy on the bass in the late 1980’s and began to study with renowned instructor Mark Stefani. Anthony enjoys playing all styles and uses several custom-made left handed basses built for him by Dan Ransom and Gary Brawer of Real Guitars.


His credo as a bassist is to “Serve the song’ and ‘Respect the groove’.



                         Jim - 650 784-6087   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Jim Moore is a  singer, songwriter, guitarist, and performer working and teaching guitar at Manor Music in Pacifica, CA. I have had the honor of working with some of the greatest talents in the business. Some recognized and rewarded by the industry with platinum and gold records and some of them living in obscurity. I have learned so much from them all.  

One of the greatest thrills of my life is to have my songs play on the radio. I was driving along once listening to the radio and heard a song I wrote start to play. I pulled over to the side of the road and just sat there in ah. I thought back to a time as a kid sitting alone in my room writing a song with only the hopes to play it on my guitar for a friend. And then to know that thousands of ears were hearing it. How cool.

I have worked with Dave MacKechnie and have been so blessed to have had him as a mentor, teacher and friend. Our song "Haulin’ Mistletoe" was picked up by MCA Records and plays every year around the Christmas holiday on radio stations across the country.  Dave has had songs recorded by John Denver, Kenny Rogers, and most recently by Martina McBride.

Another songwriting partner and friend is Michael Jarett. An absolute phenomenal keyboardist and songwriter. Elvis Presley recorded two of his songs. I started playing guitar and singing as a kid completely influenced by Elvis. And to be blessed years later working with one of his songwriters. What a gas and thrill to hear his stories.  

Some of my songs have been recorded by several artists including Bobby Hendricks, of the Drifters and soul singer, Jerry Brooks. Kristy Lee Cook from American Idol fame recorded a couple of songs we wrote for her.

My passion is singing,  songwriting, and teaching, but I also love to perform and play guitar. Although I write in many styles, my heart is in rhythm and blues. I am currently singing and playing guitar with Drummer Dave Bossler, Keyboardist Neil Janklow, and Bassist Tony Alosi and booking as “The Jim Moore Band”.


We are happy to announce that our CD is now for sale for $15. Please contact me for a copy.


A BIG Heart felt thanks to Gypso who helps us in so many ways. Her Posters are awesome.



Many thanks to Andrew Hogan for his friendship and computer genius.