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Fun stuff Cool     At this point there is no particular order.

This was in College. I had not seen the article yet when I had walked into the choir room

the morning it came out. The choir instructor said something like "hey you guys got onto

the cover of the paper". I was excited to see the article but when I did my heart sank when

I saw the picture was without Mario. It was a bitter sweet moment. Looking back, I can't

believe I actually did it without my shirt on. All I can think is that it must have been

a hot Santa Barbara day.


Jim and Mario at the Santa Barbara Fiesta celebration. It was a great gig for us.

We played it several years in a row.   Our band "Slice of Life" also played Fiesta


Jim and Mario paying dues at some same dinner place. Probably for dinner, drinks, and tips.


Mario and I became very tight by playing anywhere and everywhere without concern for what we were to get paid. We played 27 weeks in a row at "Pat's Grass Shack" for drinks and tips. I think Pat went broke paying in free beer. We eventually got to play the biggest venue in Santa Barbara, The County Bowl. The Moody Blues played there the night before us. When the guy showed us to our dressing room it had the Moody Blues written on the door. The stage manager said he would have the name removed and we insisted on him leaving it. What a gas it was to be on that stage. We once got $500 bucks for playing our three original songs at the Montecito Country Club. We ate high on the hog that night.


Mario Navario was killed in a car accident in 1994. Broke my heart as well as a lot of other people.

He was such a gifted guitar player and singer. He never had written a song when I met him. I inspired him to get into it and he ended up writing some really nice songs, some of which we collaborated on together.