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Old Bands
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 This has really been fun digging up these pictures and piecing together the past.

 It brings up so many memories of old friends and music. This is pretty close to chronological.

 Old bands. What a long strange trip it's been.

        Here I am in 1968 in Southern California doing my best Elvis.

         My first gig with my sister Cara Moore around 1978 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Granite Rock Band w/Peter Quimby (drums), Tom Martinez (bass), and Stan Sponseller (lead guitar)

Elsomore Revue- Brad Elson alias "Toad Watson" & Jim Moore (Elson and Moore hence Elsomore)

Iron Horse - Jim Moore, Bob Sherman, Jason Frost, and Peter Quimby (circa 1978)

Slice of Life - Dave Payne, Tom Payne, Eric Kirkwood, Mario Navarro, and Jim Moore

I don't think any of us new the potential we had as a band collectively. I didn't realize how good we had it either. We pretty much played any club we wanted to in Santa Barbara at the time. 

Performing, Songwriting, Musicianship and Heart. If we could have put our egos aside and focused on our music we could have been a real musical force.

Backstreet - Dave Smith, Tom Butterbaugh, Ann and Andy Pimentel, and Jim Moore (1995)

Blue Juju

Larry Bell, John Lull, Jim Moore, Chris Becker, Pam Lehman, Vince Caminiti