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Jim and Chris Biscuits and Blues                                   


                                                                                             John Lull             Norm DeCarlo     Chris Becker       Jim

                                                                                                                             at The Little Fox                           



         Chris and Jim at The Pacifica Fogfest                                Jim at Skips Tavern


Dave Bossler, Chris Becker, and Jim  at Lou's Pier 47



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with Tommy Castro. I got to meet my hero and open two of his shows.



with Mitch Woods - He asked to be his Guitar Player for the night. Great Thrill



with Eydie and Leah Tysee.

It was a special night for Eydie and I to see Leah play Yoshi's. It was also an honor to have

Leah play a song that her and I co-wrote together and acknowledge me in the audience.

with Sonny Rhoads- It was an honor to share the bill with this legendary blues artist.






Michael Jarrett and I co-wrote "Hey Saxophone" from my latest CD

with Dave Mackechnie. He has had Elvis Presley record two of his songs.

"I'm Leavin'" and "I'll be home on Christmas day".

He is a huge talent and a great friend.

My Little sister Cara Jones who once was "Coco Moore".

I couldn't say Cara as a baby and called her Coco and it stuck... for a while.

She is a fine singer and songwriter living in San Antonio, Texas.

with Kristy Lee Cook - Dave MacKechnie and I wrote "Silverbird" and "Cry for Me" for Kristy Lee. I produced them in my studio. PRS Studio in Oregon. She was a sweetheart to work with.


                         Dave Smith,  Jay "Bird" Koder, Me,   Curtis Salgado, John


With Red Lane and Dave MacKechnie in Nashville. Dave and Red have written songs for some of the country greats.

Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, Martina McBride. Red is also a member of the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

What a great honor for me to be standing with these guys and being able to write with Dave. Many Gold and Platinum

records between them.





With Funktional Soul and Chris on Sax-  Feb 19, 2010 - Joe Wood's 50th Birthday